Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shootings wound at least 4 in Chicago - Chicago Breaking News

Shootings wound at least 4 in Chicago - Chicago Breaking News

Well we all know when it starts to get HOT the shootings start. Be careful out there this Summer.

How do you deal with your disappointment in your child?

I never try to show it but it is there. I am very frustrated with a few decisions but I will live. How I never thought I would be responsible for another human let alone 3. I hope and pray most of what I have instilled in my children will stick and they can make GOOD decisions. Sometimes we have to let them know they messed up in order for them to know they can do better. This was just on my mind whereas I felt I needed to just "put it out there"

No Sleep AGAIN

For some unknown reason I seem to get NO sleep until the early morning. Maybe I have too much on my mind BUT this is getting tiring to say the least. I am home alone and I should be resting now. I think life has me by the throat and I don't know how to release myself from something. Well I am trying this blogging thingy and it is very soothing to just put the words out there. It is a big release to have a place to just be yourself. Well the morning is slowly approaching, I shall see ya laters.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook keeps me SANE!

I know Sad right? Nope, not to me. I have found some wonderful, intelligent, remarkable friends there. Yeah lot's in my family think I am insane for befriending so many strangers and calling them friends on a social network. Well SO! I pass the time laughing and joking with so many that when I am down those SAME strangers pick me up. I am just getting into blogging so bare with me and my ramblings. I have a WHOLE lot to talk about but for now I just want to say ...Hugs to my "FAMILY" on Facebook.

Welcome to my insanity.