Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Published article/poem on Yahoo!

I am so excited and beyond words to know that someone thought I was good enough!> Woot! I am now more ENCOURAGED to write better with more substance in my writing. I will keep it coming when the feeling hits me. Thank you all for keeping me focused also.. You know who you are *wink!

Friday, July 15, 2011

When Planking goes totally opposite of what YOU were trying to achieve.

Also I am an African American female.....Planking is in no way affiliated with Slaves in any way or form. people need to lighten up and stop making EVERYTHING about RACE!

Ok Now some are taking this to a whole new level..... Now what If I was to just go and flush real quick... Would she be happy?

I guess you can't say you have planked if you don't have a cat on your ass right?

Yes I REALLY will feel more safe and secure with YOU planking on a plane...NOT! 

Yes we rally need do have a hobby or something... Now why couldn't she just MOP instead?

Man Goes To Jail for Cashing Chase Check at Chase Bank

Not only would I be P.I.S.S.E.D!  I would be suing the HELL out of this bank! Really? You can't tell the difference from your OWN checks? Whoever this person was needed to be FIRED with a capital F! I feel for the young man deeply because it seems he lost EVERYTHING over an over zealous bank teller. I can't wait to here the outcome of this situation

Looking to secure liquor licenses, Walgreens faces fight with alderman - The Chicago Maroon

Looking to secure liquor licenses, Walgreens faces fight with alderman - The Chicago Maroon

Do we REALLY need more liquor in our neighborhoods?
It seems that our friendly neighborhood Walgreen's @ 3405 S King Dr would like to introduce this very thing...We don't need to have ANOTHER store that is filling our area with more booze. All you have to do is look on the corners and WHAM guess what... Liquor is ready and available. Why not leave well enough alone? This has been brewing for a year or so but it looks like it may come to pass soon. If you live in this area why not contact your Alderman and protest this ridiculous addition to our store.
Our neighborhood has changed a lot in the last few years ...we do NOT need this set back with a major store at all. 
What's your opinion on this