Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sigh! Summer is here!

Just because YOU think it looks good, doesn't make it so!
Please start looking in the mirror BEFORE leaving the house.

I can't think of anyone that would call this attractive or sexy

Underwear should be worn and not OUTSIDE of the pants

I think some people just get inked just for the hell of it.

In closing, I think we need to do better and stop giving me a reason to laugh so much.

Toodles and Smooches XoXo

Heartbroken or just mad?

I have had a run in with my feelings colliding. See, I have my first grandchild coming and there is so much chaos right now I can't be happy anymore. I have wrecked my heart and soul to overcome what is happening, it seems as though nothing will fix the wrongs that have occurred. I know people always say
"Be the bigger person" but this time, I just can't. I am feeling walked over and torn apart. I don't like secrets nor lies, and it seems as though that is all I have been receiving. How do I start to heal and get back to normal when the very person you love crushes you? It is hard but it was also so unnecessary when it all comes down to it.

I can deal with anything but untruths.
Once my trust is gone then what more can you take?
I am rambling but I think just getting this much out is a blessing in disguise.

I know with time things will be better but right now, it seems to be just Chaos!

Toodles *sniff sniff* and Smooches XoXo

Yes Or No To Body Art?

Are we going overboard with our body art? I love to see crazy and wild pictures but some of them make me cringe! Do we think of what will happen once we start to get older and wiser as years go by? I know there is NO way in HELL I would be doing some of the crazy things I see on the internet. People start to think of the look you will have once you are Grandparents. I can't wait honestly to see some of you. Yes I am back to blogging since I am NOT sleeping so I am sure you will see more of me as the days go by. I shall leave you with a few random OMG looks to ponder.

                                                 Not a good look for your golden years

Toodles and Smooches XoXo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi! I am gonna start this year blogging AGAIN!
Happy  MLK Day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Published article/poem on Yahoo!

I am so excited and beyond words to know that someone thought I was good enough!> Woot! I am now more ENCOURAGED to write better with more substance in my writing. I will keep it coming when the feeling hits me. Thank you all for keeping me focused also.. You know who you are *wink!

Friday, July 15, 2011

When Planking goes totally opposite of what YOU were trying to achieve.

Also I am an African American female.....Planking is in no way affiliated with Slaves in any way or form. people need to lighten up and stop making EVERYTHING about RACE!

Ok Now some are taking this to a whole new level..... Now what If I was to just go and flush real quick... Would she be happy?

I guess you can't say you have planked if you don't have a cat on your ass right?

Yes I REALLY will feel more safe and secure with YOU planking on a plane...NOT! 

Yes we rally need do have a hobby or something... Now why couldn't she just MOP instead?

Man Goes To Jail for Cashing Chase Check at Chase Bank

Not only would I be P.I.S.S.E.D!  I would be suing the HELL out of this bank! Really? You can't tell the difference from your OWN checks? Whoever this person was needed to be FIRED with a capital F! I feel for the young man deeply because it seems he lost EVERYTHING over an over zealous bank teller. I can't wait to here the outcome of this situation

Looking to secure liquor licenses, Walgreens faces fight with alderman - The Chicago Maroon

Looking to secure liquor licenses, Walgreens faces fight with alderman - The Chicago Maroon

Do we REALLY need more liquor in our neighborhoods?
It seems that our friendly neighborhood Walgreen's @ 3405 S King Dr would like to introduce this very thing...We don't need to have ANOTHER store that is filling our area with more booze. All you have to do is look on the corners and WHAM guess what... Liquor is ready and available. Why not leave well enough alone? This has been brewing for a year or so but it looks like it may come to pass soon. If you live in this area why not contact your Alderman and protest this ridiculous addition to our store.
Our neighborhood has changed a lot in the last few years ...we do NOT need this set back with a major store at all. 
What's your opinion on this

Monday, June 6, 2011

Do you keep it 100 at all times?

Do you know what Keeping it 100 mean? Well it means keeping it REAL as Real can get!
Being yourself 100% always. Never be an imitation of yourself ! BE YOU!
I love when people say they are a leader and not a follower and then later on you see them what??? Following the leader Hmmmm it makes me sad to see! How can you keep it 100 when you are being someone else?
Look in the mirror and ask yourself do you LIKE what you see?
Are you who you want to be?
Will your kids follow your steps? Are they proud of who YOU are?
Keep it 100 and you will NEVER go wrong.
How can some one love and respect YOU when you are trying to be someone else?
Ms.Thuggy keeping it 100!

Friday, May 6, 2011

R is for Resistance from the Tongue & Fingers

Do you ever hear or read something that just makes you want to scream or type something really mean?
Well I am at that place right about now. I have challenged myself to either close my computer or straight out ignore a person that is trying my nerves. It is proving to be very hard indeed! You see I am a big mouth, very opinionated with an attitude when provoked. I don't like vague people at all.  A Vague person makes comments that points out people but really don't say what and who it really is about.  I figure say what you mean & mean what you say, then we won't have any issues or mixups. People just can't do this for some reason. Are you scared? Do you think you can't back up your words? I figure anything I say can be repeated if need be. What causes this? The funny thing is most of my friends are like this also. Let it OUT! It is healthy and beneficial to you in the long run.
I am a Bitch at times, and when I know I need to release my anger or frustrations I most certainly do it and guess what? My friends accept me as I least they pretend too LOL!
I figure if you can't accept me at my worst then you don't deserve to have me at my best. So next time you are in conversation or even texting ask yourself...... Is this REALLY what I want to say?
Be YOURSELF and for those that won't accept YOU .....then You know what to tell them!

Q is for Quit Playing!


When did I miss the fashion memo? Are Skulls the new thing in style to wear? What do these people have going on in their minds when they get dressed? I am truly tickled to see her ROCKING this Skull dress thingy! Seriously? I must go get me one in red.

Now this is hilarious!-------->
How in the HELL did someone talk her into wearing a full bodied WEAVE? Where does the Disco ball fit in also? She even got some Disco ball material on her arm as a what? Bracelet?
Is it me? Does anyone think this is HOT?

Have times really gotten this HARD?

I am crying laughing now

P is for President Obama

I like his Style, Grace and overall way of dealing with issues. HE is the epitome of Cool, Laid back and Class in what a man should be in my opinion. I know there are a lot of you who have doubts and issues with this man, but I give him many props for even stepping in here and taking the hits he is getting. He tickles me when he laughs because I know it takes a lot to gather a smile in his position. He also seems to know he walked into a situation that had to hit ROCK bottom before it had a chance of  improving. 
Keep on doing what you are doing Mr. President! 
Whether he get's re-elected or not he has my respect for even TRYING!

Trump's Disrespect of Obama! is getting out of hand. It is not appreciated nor needed. 
I for one know why President Obama is being challenged so much, but can others actually admit it? 
No, because it is their way of life. 
Understand and KNOW this....HE is OUR President and will be until the public says otherwise.
 Give him his it THAT hard?
Keep your HEAD up! 

A-Z Blog Challenge

I am gonna finish this challenge if it kills me! So much has happened to derail me but I am determined to go all the way through. So hold on to your hats and wigs because I am back like it or not.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Be Safe and Have a good time!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I haven't forgotten about you Blog

I promise to write after this holiday...Hugs and Smooches

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

O is for OMG! Did NeNe Leakes lose her mind this week?

Celebrity Apprentice: Recap For April 17, 2011

She did NOT say Latoya Jackson was trying to do the Michael Jackson on her when Latoya had flames coming off the grill while cooking a burger. What is her PROBLEM? I must admit I did giggle but it was out of shock mostly! She has no Tact when it comes to people at ALL! I was just amazed at the things she said to Latoya seriously! I wish I could have been Latoya for 5 minutes...whew NeNe would have been on the GROUND for the rest of the show. She in so out of pocket on this show. She also has the NERVE to be sensitive.
How can someone that has NO fame other than a reality show have so much disdain for others? She dissed Dionne Warwick and now she is on Star Jones. I can't wait to see the next episode.
NeNe, step back girl before someone get's in that ass!

Adsense SUCKS!

It seems if you get so many clicks a day it turns into click fraud for them. How in the HELL are you to make money if people don't click your ads? It seems like a Catch 22 here to me. I was only at 150.00 in dollars but I know of 3 other people this just happened to. Do NOT sign up for them because once you reach a certain amount BAM they shut you down. I am gonna appeal for the money I did make but I will NOT use them at all ever again. This is what I got in the mail today!

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not
accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.
After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.
Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
effectiveness of Google's advertising system, particularly the
advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and
If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we've taken, how
you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find
more information by visiting
The Google AdSense Team

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ask Ms.Thuggy! Has arrived

I am dedicating Monday's to a new advice column called Ask Ms.Thuggy.
 You can spill your heart out or just ask a simple question I will answer as truthfully as I can.
 Now I am gonna be honest and blunt, so keep your feelings in check.
If you want to ask a question or need advice, then shoot me an email and I shall answer them on Monday's. You may use your real name or not it doesn't matter to me. 
This should be quite fun.

Shoot your Questions here ----->

Ask Ms Thuggy

Why is it more and more people annoy me as I get older?

Dear Iris,
Well some people mature as time passes them by, as with others they basically stay the same. You have a choice whether to accept the annoyances or tell their ass to grow the HELL up. If you feel they are purposely doing this then you may need to kick them to the curb and find better company! If it seems like it is EVERYBODY around you then maybe you need to check yourself.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
I have this friend who is not very nice to me, she does mean things to
me and calls me names like heifer, she never bakes cookies and I've
seen her use the word nipple more than once,
so Dear ms thug what should I do ? I have a rather nasty pic of a
nasty toe should I send it to her? please I need advice asap before
she kicks my ass
yours faithfully the Queen of England x

Well Queen of England x,
If this friend is this violent as you have made her sound, I would surely not want a damn cookie or anything else for that matter. Would you trust eating anything from a person that is this mean? Also Nipple is a term of endearment from where I come you hate Nipples? Are you afraid of body parts? If you send her a picture of a nasty Toe do you think this will make things better for you? I would be VERY careful when approaching this friend because she sounds like she will "get" you if she is crossed. Goodluck
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy.
My son is an absolute SLOB! He goes in each room and DESTROYS it! I am fed up what can I do? Also he is 19 years old.
Fed up in the USA

Dear Fed Up in the USA,
Don't get all hot and bothered, this is what you do. When he messes up a room or 10 just chill. Take a breath and do what I have done in the past. I wait....I wait until ALL of his destruction has pissed me off. Once I am FED UP I gather everything he has left around and get a garbage bag (a BIG one) I then put it ALL in the bag and march to his room. I then proceed to dump it all over HIS bed! Once you do this enough he will get the point. It only took me 2 times to get him straight. I hope this method works for you. Oh on a side note. Get a newspaper and circle apartments for him, this is a BIG hint for him to get out and get his OWN place to trash.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy, 
Are you always this humorous and funny? I love reading your blog. Do you ave any advice for people starting a blog?
Just hanging around

Dear Just hanging around,
No I am just like anyone else. I have my days and if you have me on Facebook you would surely know this LOL. I can be a Bitch from hell but that is during my 7 days of dismay thanks to Adam and Eve! If you are starting a blog just 1 thing to get you started and go from there...think of what kind of blog you want and also how much of YOU that you want to share. Thank you for following me, I hope I live up to your expectations.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
What do you do that you work from home? May not be any my damn business but I wanna know lol.

Dear Anonymous,
I plead the fifth on this one LOL no seriously, I basically repair computers and such, I also do some editing of peoples work. I am a computer nerd all wrapped up in one. I do whatever I can on a computer that I am skilled in. Video and Audio help for others also. Whatever you need done to a PC I can do. This is a lucrative business also because a lot of people are computer illiterate and they turn to me to explain or fix those snafu's they may have made on their computers.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
My mom will not make my sister cookies. How can we get her to be a better mommy?

Dear Laura,
If you can get to this blog and actually WRITE a question....Ummm maybe you could take this a step forward and make your sister some cookies. Maybe your mom is tired form cooking ,
cleaning , Facebooking and playing Farmville to sit down and pamper YOU 2 with some damn cookies. Now get it together and start being MORE independent.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
Is it true that a fart can be trapped in a bottle for later use to touch the hubby under the blanket?

Dear Anonymous,
Well I have not tried this method at all. Why not just give him a FRESH fart so that you  know he got it.
Smooches from Thuggy!

N is for Nonsense

I know Millions of people like this Lady Ga Ga chic but baby BYE! Seriously, I know art is about expressing oneself but DAMN do you see ALL of these nipples sister girl is exhibiting? Does she take her expressions TOO far? She shows up dressed like raw meat and everyone is STILL buying her music. Well she is a genius if this is true ...which it is! I would LOVE to know what her salary is compared to a teachers. This is what bothers me. People like her can dress in dead , rotting meat with 12 nipples and she can have a sold out concert BUT our educators can NOT get a decent pay rate. Now back to these nipples, is she REALLY serious? I guess as long as we keep loving this then this will continue.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This brings back the OLD days!

This was definitely MY mother. This surely brings back memories of how it used to be. LOL Whew and Granny didn't play either. If you even thought about saying something smart she would come at you AND don't even think of looking at her wrong or rolling your eyes.