Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Be Safe and Have a good time!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I haven't forgotten about you Blog

I promise to write after this holiday...Hugs and Smooches

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

O is for OMG! Did NeNe Leakes lose her mind this week?

Celebrity Apprentice: Recap For April 17, 2011

She did NOT say Latoya Jackson was trying to do the Michael Jackson on her when Latoya had flames coming off the grill while cooking a burger. What is her PROBLEM? I must admit I did giggle but it was out of shock mostly! She has no Tact when it comes to people at ALL! I was just amazed at the things she said to Latoya seriously! I wish I could have been Latoya for 5 minutes...whew NeNe would have been on the GROUND for the rest of the show. She in so out of pocket on this show. She also has the NERVE to be sensitive.
How can someone that has NO fame other than a reality show have so much disdain for others? She dissed Dionne Warwick and now she is on Star Jones. I can't wait to see the next episode.
NeNe, step back girl before someone get's in that ass!

Adsense SUCKS!

It seems if you get so many clicks a day it turns into click fraud for them. How in the HELL are you to make money if people don't click your ads? It seems like a Catch 22 here to me. I was only at 150.00 in dollars but I know of 3 other people this just happened to. Do NOT sign up for them because once you reach a certain amount BAM they shut you down. I am gonna appeal for the money I did make but I will NOT use them at all ever again. This is what I got in the mail today!

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not
accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.
After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.
Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
effectiveness of Google's advertising system, particularly the
advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and
If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we've taken, how
you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find
more information by visiting
The Google AdSense Team

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ask Ms.Thuggy! Has arrived

I am dedicating Monday's to a new advice column called Ask Ms.Thuggy.
 You can spill your heart out or just ask a simple question I will answer as truthfully as I can.
 Now I am gonna be honest and blunt, so keep your feelings in check.
If you want to ask a question or need advice, then shoot me an email and I shall answer them on Monday's. You may use your real name or not it doesn't matter to me. 
This should be quite fun.

Shoot your Questions here ----->

Ask Ms Thuggy

Why is it more and more people annoy me as I get older?

Dear Iris,
Well some people mature as time passes them by, as with others they basically stay the same. You have a choice whether to accept the annoyances or tell their ass to grow the HELL up. If you feel they are purposely doing this then you may need to kick them to the curb and find better company! If it seems like it is EVERYBODY around you then maybe you need to check yourself.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
I have this friend who is not very nice to me, she does mean things to
me and calls me names like heifer, she never bakes cookies and I've
seen her use the word nipple more than once,
so Dear ms thug what should I do ? I have a rather nasty pic of a
nasty toe should I send it to her? please I need advice asap before
she kicks my ass
yours faithfully the Queen of England x

Well Queen of England x,
If this friend is this violent as you have made her sound, I would surely not want a damn cookie or anything else for that matter. Would you trust eating anything from a person that is this mean? Also Nipple is a term of endearment from where I come you hate Nipples? Are you afraid of body parts? If you send her a picture of a nasty Toe do you think this will make things better for you? I would be VERY careful when approaching this friend because she sounds like she will "get" you if she is crossed. Goodluck
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy.
My son is an absolute SLOB! He goes in each room and DESTROYS it! I am fed up what can I do? Also he is 19 years old.
Fed up in the USA

Dear Fed Up in the USA,
Don't get all hot and bothered, this is what you do. When he messes up a room or 10 just chill. Take a breath and do what I have done in the past. I wait....I wait until ALL of his destruction has pissed me off. Once I am FED UP I gather everything he has left around and get a garbage bag (a BIG one) I then put it ALL in the bag and march to his room. I then proceed to dump it all over HIS bed! Once you do this enough he will get the point. It only took me 2 times to get him straight. I hope this method works for you. Oh on a side note. Get a newspaper and circle apartments for him, this is a BIG hint for him to get out and get his OWN place to trash.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy, 
Are you always this humorous and funny? I love reading your blog. Do you ave any advice for people starting a blog?
Just hanging around

Dear Just hanging around,
No I am just like anyone else. I have my days and if you have me on Facebook you would surely know this LOL. I can be a Bitch from hell but that is during my 7 days of dismay thanks to Adam and Eve! If you are starting a blog just 1 thing to get you started and go from there...think of what kind of blog you want and also how much of YOU that you want to share. Thank you for following me, I hope I live up to your expectations.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
What do you do that you work from home? May not be any my damn business but I wanna know lol.

Dear Anonymous,
I plead the fifth on this one LOL no seriously, I basically repair computers and such, I also do some editing of peoples work. I am a computer nerd all wrapped up in one. I do whatever I can on a computer that I am skilled in. Video and Audio help for others also. Whatever you need done to a PC I can do. This is a lucrative business also because a lot of people are computer illiterate and they turn to me to explain or fix those snafu's they may have made on their computers.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
My mom will not make my sister cookies. How can we get her to be a better mommy?

Dear Laura,
If you can get to this blog and actually WRITE a question....Ummm maybe you could take this a step forward and make your sister some cookies. Maybe your mom is tired form cooking ,
cleaning , Facebooking and playing Farmville to sit down and pamper YOU 2 with some damn cookies. Now get it together and start being MORE independent.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
Is it true that a fart can be trapped in a bottle for later use to touch the hubby under the blanket?

Dear Anonymous,
Well I have not tried this method at all. Why not just give him a FRESH fart so that you  know he got it.
Smooches from Thuggy!

N is for Nonsense

I know Millions of people like this Lady Ga Ga chic but baby BYE! Seriously, I know art is about expressing oneself but DAMN do you see ALL of these nipples sister girl is exhibiting? Does she take her expressions TOO far? She shows up dressed like raw meat and everyone is STILL buying her music. Well she is a genius if this is true ...which it is! I would LOVE to know what her salary is compared to a teachers. This is what bothers me. People like her can dress in dead , rotting meat with 12 nipples and she can have a sold out concert BUT our educators can NOT get a decent pay rate. Now back to these nipples, is she REALLY serious? I guess as long as we keep loving this then this will continue.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This brings back the OLD days!

This was definitely MY mother. This surely brings back memories of how it used to be. LOL Whew and Granny didn't play either. If you even thought about saying something smart she would come at you AND don't even think of looking at her wrong or rolling your eyes.

Ask Ms.Thuggy debuts tomorrow

I am announcing a new segment to my blog starting tomorrow called Ask Ms.Thuggy. 
You can email me at Ask Ms.Thuggy  and ask or spill your issues or problems to me.
Your name will be whatever YOU make it on your letter.
Now I am gonna keep it real and be as to the point as I can.
This should be fun (I hope) and maybe we can do 1 question a day once it get's going.
So get those questions in and let's talk.

Are our Children growing up to fast?

Look at this cutie. She is just adorable BUT are we portraying the wrong message to our kids? I have seen kids as young as 3 getting their hair relaxed (permed) and weaved. I know of a few 8 and up that have cell phones and I am not talking about the flip cheap phones. I am talking IPhones and Androids. Are we letting them dress too provocatively at a young age to then let them think it is ok in their teenage years? This domino affect is getting to be too much. I know of some children that should know their ABC's but sadly they don't, but they can surely sing the newest lyrics from Lil Wayne and Beyonce's songs. Have you seen our children at a party? They dance as though they need a condom while gyrating and popping like a stripper. Shit they have some of these strippers BEAT when dancing. We need to start focusing on our youth and fast because it is not getting better! They are having children as children and instilling this same thing I am writing about in their kids. When will enough be enough? The end result is frightening as you can see below. When will we stop letting the computers, TV's and electronics cease in raising our children and step in to take back control? My children are Grown BUT If I saw any of this even now I would definitely step in and correct it.
They know Momma don't PLAY!
Ask yourself this, when was the last time I actually sat down and found out what my child is thinking and wearing?
This could be OUR future leaders in action.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

M is for Moscato

This is NOT for the alchies out there, you would need a stronger alcohol to meet your needs.
I don't know if you have tried this wine but it is smooth and mellow. I don't drink like I used to but I can always go for a glass of this chilled. This is not one of those wines that leaves a headache or have you waking up with writing all over your face. This is a GROWN UP wine and not for the younguns. Moscato just hit the scene recently but it has been around for a while actually. Get you some Cheddar cheese and kick back with a movie or some smooth laid back music. I am getting me a bottle tomorrow so I can relax and blog some more. Now with anything alcoholic you can always overdo it, do NOT drink the whole bottle and wonder how you ended up with your thong on your head sleeping on your neighbors lawn the next morning. It could happen, drink in moderation and enjoy this wine the right way without the embarrassment.

Friday, April 15, 2011

L is for Licking my plate

This is my idea of a GOOD Sunday dinner. I didn't cook this BUT I had something similar! Whoo I am full! I made some Collard Greens mixed with Turnip and spinach and some smoked turkey tails added for flavor, Macaroni and cheese and some homemade cornbread. I am beyond full. I can not tell you how HOT my house was. So if you see me rolling down the street and not walking you know it is because I am cooking like this. I am gonna have to join someone's GYM in a hurry. ok I am lying, I have to finish this meal first then I will THINK about joining. I am too damn full to even think about desert now. But I see some Yummy cookies I could eat later ..... Remember if you see me looking bloated and burping all over the place make sure you help me so I can get home to another meal LOL.  

K is for Kissable lips

The Summer is approaching fast and I would hate to encounter someone that has lips that are still affected by the winter weather. There is NO excuse for crusty lips. Look before you leave the house and make sure you are not white by the mouth. Who would really want to kiss those things. Stop licking your lips also this makes it even worse.
 Unless you want to be labeled a "crack head" then you may want to consider some Carmex or something to that degree. I know love knows no bounds but I refuse to even consider locking lips with anyone that is CRUSTY like this.

J is for Justifying yourself

Have you ever thought of something and you just knew it was funny as HELL? Well it turns out not only wasn't it funny but others got hurt by it! Sometimes we need to remember words and thoughts are not portrayed on the internet in the way we may have actually meant it. You may for example say OMG you are so stanky...Now to some this may be funny, but to the few that are new to you or your group of friends this may come as an insult. I just think if we all look at things on the internet as humor a lot of these issues won't arise or even matter. If I ever encounter someone like this I normally email them and explain my position. Sometimes it works and well sometimes it is an out all war. Just remember there are all kinds on the internet and the customs and sayings can and will at one time or another get misunderstood. If this does happen to you then try to remember that words are often misrepresented because you can not feel the emotions spilling from the internet. I always say look at the bright side first and if that fails then delete and block and keep it moving

Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for I can't BELIEVE you are STILL wearing those UGGS!

Ok I know the UGG boot is here to stay, but as I have stated before that does NOT mean you need to wear them until they fall apart. I know there are tons of stores selling knock off's if you just HAVE to have them. This makes no sense to me at all . Why would you ROCK these looking like this?
Yes this is a Real UGG boot. There is NO way this person did not know it was getting to this point. Let the UGG fascination GO! This is Murder to your style if you actually care.
I saved this for last because this is the worst! If you have a heart let your UGG's GO! This is abuse of fashion to the 6th degree. I have not seen another Faze like this that has been this bad. I can not believe some of you will not part with these boots even when they look like this. 
Say it with me...I must retire the UGG! .I must retire the UGG!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pop Culture and Our Youth

Are we allowing our children to imitate art where they are starting to look like FOOLS? 
I know when we were younger (my older adult readers) that we had similar issues, but I think this generation has LOST it. They are looking like straight weirdo's! 
I would make my kids change if I saw some of this on their bodies Grown or not. 
This is NOT acceptable.
Do YOU remember Barbie looking like THIS?
Our younger woman AND men are idolizing this mess and it needs to be stopped starting at home! I would go through my kids closets and drawers exorcising this mess from my house. They can NOT dress like this if we as parents do NOT allow it! I mean SERIOUSLY? How is this cute?
Ok I finally figured it out. It stems from home.
This is the result of kids imitating their parents
I guess Father knows best
So in retrospect parents we raise our children to accomplish so much in the world, but they will be VERY limited if they are taught to dress like fools.
It ain't CUTE!
This will be the end result if this trend continues....


RIP Dear friend

For some time we have been in the grip of Mother Natures wrath. I am weary of the Summer because of the impending violence where I live. See I live in the heart of Chicago Illinois. Home of the Windy City, Cubs,White Sox and the Chicago Bulls. We have so many Concerts/Arts festivals and such throughout the summer it sounds like a wonderful place to live right? No, it isn't in reality. It is coming sooner than we can blink. The Violence. As soon as the weather breaks it begins, well let me correct this, BEFORE the official day of Summer it starts.
In most places the birds singing, kids playing outside, going to the park is the feeling that the new Season has begun. Well in Chicago this means another thing entirely, it means watch your back! We can not let our children play outside. They can not walk to get an ice cream. It is a war zone here and it seems nobody cares. It is now the playground of the gang bangers and drug dealers. Now we have to stock up on food and stay close to home. It is not in just 1 particular place in the city is EVERYWHERE! So I say a farewell to a Season that gave us some peace at least. I will miss you Snow and Cold. It was good while it lasted.
Chicago Police respond to the scene of a shooting at 46th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago.
 (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune / April 8, 2011)

Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for How to avoid talking to people

This is classic! I could see my self doing this at the club. She is hilarious when she does it too. Ok I know YOU are practicing this as I type so go on and laugh. Look in the mirror and see how you look doing it. I have it stuck on my face right now. I have a party to go to tomorrow night and I can't wait to try this out.
I have a few friends I could see doing this also *cough AIMEE* Sniffle *LAURA* sneeze. This is them all them way. Now remember what she says- You have to hold the face no matter what! No laughing, no breaking the frozen look. I will report back and tell you what happened.

G is for Grocery Shopping

This is how I felt AND looked this morning AFTER going to the grocery store with my son. he is a HOT mess. He talked to EVERYBODY instead of helping me shop. Oh when he did decide to "help" me he just threw the stuff in the cart. I was on FIRE! How can you just throw eggs and cans of corn in a cart? How do you just leave the cart in the middle of the lane and keep walking? I was incensed to say the least, he laughed and said I was OCD because I was stacking the stuff neatly in the cart instead of recklessly THROWING the groceries!. I wanted to reach out and put hands on him right there in the store. He knew I was mad too so he kept doing it. I decided I would get him back. I grabbed his Hot Pockets and threw them at his head. He ducked and LAUGHED some more. Well I wasn't having that. So I took a turn and went a different direction and lost him. Hee hee ...he couldn't find me until I had finished shopping. I was in line and he hadn't gotten all the things he wanted. I said TOUGH LUCK!  Ha ha OCD that!. Now we get home and he KNOWS I am terrified of worms. He leaves me to take some of the groceries upstairs and I am paralyzed in fear because it is raining and there are worms everywhere. They are moving and squirming all over the sidewalk. I felt sick. So I ran around to the back of the house and I was able to get upstairs without stepping nor seeing a worm. Well I fell UP the stairs because my shoe was untied and I thought a worm was stuck on my shoe but it was the shoestring. I was freaking OUT! So I was super mad when I got inside. He dodged me once we got in the house until I calmed down. Whew I will be inside ALL weekend because of this rain.  He is still laughing at my worm episode but I don't care because I got the last laugh. I made him put ALL the groceries up.
Never Again will I take him to the store with me!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vent in effect!

Why oh Why does Facebook correct things when they shouldn't? I do NOT want to click though 1854752696 farmville posts to find that potion or 2431542 YoVille posts to help my friend get her/his house! Geesh leave well enough alone! I am so mad at this new layout, I am screaming at Mark Suckyburg right now.
Now I am gonna have to figure out how to spend my free time because Facebook has lost it's appeal for me today!

Can you Blog Too Much?

As I am getting into the feel of blogging I just asked myself...Can you OVER blog? Well if you can I don't care! I am having a BALL blogging! It helps me pass the day since I work online anyway. When I have a few moments to spare why not just blog. I see a few more of my friends are starting to open up and join this craze. I got so caught up in a few of those blogs I actually went behind on my actual work.
So I guess you will see tons of random blogs from me,
I am sorry in advance LOL

F is for Fake Ass People on Facebook

Have you ever thought someone was one way and read the ramblings on their Facebook page and changed your mind? I sometimes have to physically close my mouth with BOTH hands when I see some of the crazy stuff people spew on their pages. You thought you knew them? NOT! Think again. Sometimes it is funny but other times it is just sad. What about the trifling ass people that talk shit over the internet? The "bullies" as most call it.
I just call it SAD! It is funny how some seem to be so cool but then later you see their true faces (only through words I say) Do you feel betrayed? Are you disappointed? Do you delete them over their views? I normally read and keep it moving. Unless it is aimed at me, I try not to let it affect my time or day when I am browsing, because in a nutshell it is a SOCIAL NETWORK. You will find all kinds on these social networking sites. I don't let hardly too much get to me but there is that rare time I have to just let it all out and tell then where I am coming from. Have you ever Snapped on Facebook? Don't lie I am sure we all have at one time or another. Are these sites healthy? I think they are too an extent when you want to portray yourself and your life. Do they pose any real dangers to the many that use them? I don't think they are any different than texting or talking on the phone. I know I don't let a day pass without logging on to Facebook to check out the latests post of my friends and family. So the next time you post ask yourself am I being Fake? Is this the Real me? Or am I just another Fake Ass person fronting on Facebook?
This was a funny article too if you want to read more on how Facebook is changing friendships

E is for Eccentric

This reminds me of a game I play called YoVille. We have costumes and accessories to play with all year long. If you play (which I know most of you do LOL) you may see some tell tale things in this photo. She is wearing a mixture of Female Sailor, Female Cupid, Angel Fairy and who knows what else. Do we take our online fantasies too far? I think in this case she did. Do you envision yourself wearing your Ms.Peppermint to dinner with your husband? If so You have a damn PROBLEM!  This is just pixels people they are NOT real! I am seeing a lot take this and other games VERY serious until it becomes an obsession. Get it together peeps! Go outside and see what the REAL world is wearing. This ain't IT! I must say I have lost a lot of interest in the game lately but that happens from time to time at least for me. But when I see images like this it really makes me laugh at the though that I can go in a game and pretend all year. Now I said go in GAME not let it spill out into the life I lead with my Real family. Make sure you can separate Fantasy from REALITY people.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D Is for Daughter

Bipolar disorder - PubMed Health

I have a precious daughter name Ashley! She is all I could ever ask for in a child. She is 19 years old and one of the most caring, attentive, loving persons I know but there is a darker side to her. She suffers from a mental disorder. Well she has a few disorders but the one that haunts us the worst is Bipolar. She has struggled with this all of her life but she is finally getting the hang of some coping techniques and strategies. It has been a hard couple of years because she didn't accept it right off. She cursed GOD and all around her. It was HELL for the family that was supporting her. She felt she was not "normal" and she just wanted to die. She started cutting herself and honestly being in the African American culture we turn our heads to things like this. It is still hard to get my daughter help for the self mutilation part but she has been "CUT FREE" for over a year now. Yayyyyyy Ashley! I am writing about Ash because I want other mothers, relatives and friends to know you are not alone. There are a lot of people suffering from this illness that are so misunderstood. Keep your eyes open for signs and reach out to them. I refuse to allow my daughter to live in the dark and keep this a secret. I told her if she speaks about it that this may help someone else. She is now in college and still struggling to go about her day every minute that passes. But she has ME! Always.
I love you Ashley (Moo Moo) and like I have told you EVERYDAY! Never give up.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

C is for Cabrini Green -The end of an Era

Hard to believe I grew up here. 

At its peak, Cabrini-Green was home to 15,000 people who were living in the mid- and high-rise apartment buildings. It took 20 years to complete the buildings beginning in the year 1942. We moved away when I was just a little girl but the impact of this place still stays with me. There was a very close knit family presence while living here. Neighbors raised each others children and looked out for one another. It was definitely a village raising it's children.

 No matter what the media and the public that did not experience this world thinks, this place was HOME to so many.
Demolition began on  Wednesday, March 30, 2011. 
This may have been an eyesore to the people in the surrounding areas but this meant so much for the ones that spent their lives here. 

RIP old friend you will be Missed

Friday, April 1, 2011

B is for You are BOGUS as HELL for that!

Why is this even on their feet? Are times this hard that we have to make our OWN flip flops?
 This is BOGUS!
Would this person be able to catch your attention to buy this car? Hell NO! You would be too busy calling your friends over and taking pictures to even think of him giving you a quote on this car. What do people really think is gonna happen when they dress like this?
Have you ever seen a trifling HOT mess? You just look and can't STOP looking? Well I seem to have a knack for finding these oddities. Why in the HELL would you be gluing your BOOT?
  Now think about it....Did the company only make 1 pair of this Boot? Are you this cheap Seriously?
 Is that the glue we used in Kindergarten?

This is the worse of them ALL! Did he/she REALLY have to get made up to use the toilet? I can not help laughing at this because these people are POSING for these pictures. Sometimes a picture is more than a thousand words. 

It's been real but I am outtie!

A is for Anger and the African American Woman

I am writing about this preconceived ANGER that haunts the African American woman. We seem to be branded with this stereotype in the media, movies and even in our own homes. What makes people think this way? Well in my case I am NOT part of this stereotype at all. I know from experience Men AND Women perceive the African American Woman as a Neck rolling, finger snapping, sailor mouth raging machine.
We are NO different than anyone else. I do know that we have struggled to be accepted amongst our peers for who we are. I think of my Black Sister's as Zesty with attitude. We get that honestly. Most of my friends have a take no prisoners attitude and rightfully so. We have had to deal with so much in life that I do believe it is wrong to just put us in a category like this. We are no different than YOU! There is so much more to the African American Woman!
I take pride in the many colors of my African Sister's but even then we have the light skinned against the dark skinned. Why is that? We have the "GOOD HAIR" and the "NAPPY HAIR" debate but in the end we are ALL the same. How can you have racial issues within your own race? We need to do better!
The hair thing really ticks me OFF! If you take care of what you were given when you were born then any texture can be good.
Just the thoughts of a Black Woman

Uncle From Down South Snaps On Direct TV Representative!

Now you KNOW when an elder wants something done you better get it DONE! Technology is not their strong points! This man tickles me but you HAVE to watch the Whole video