Friday, May 6, 2011

R is for Resistance from the Tongue & Fingers

Do you ever hear or read something that just makes you want to scream or type something really mean?
Well I am at that place right about now. I have challenged myself to either close my computer or straight out ignore a person that is trying my nerves. It is proving to be very hard indeed! You see I am a big mouth, very opinionated with an attitude when provoked. I don't like vague people at all.  A Vague person makes comments that points out people but really don't say what and who it really is about.  I figure say what you mean & mean what you say, then we won't have any issues or mixups. People just can't do this for some reason. Are you scared? Do you think you can't back up your words? I figure anything I say can be repeated if need be. What causes this? The funny thing is most of my friends are like this also. Let it OUT! It is healthy and beneficial to you in the long run.
I am a Bitch at times, and when I know I need to release my anger or frustrations I most certainly do it and guess what? My friends accept me as I least they pretend too LOL!
I figure if you can't accept me at my worst then you don't deserve to have me at my best. So next time you are in conversation or even texting ask yourself...... Is this REALLY what I want to say?
Be YOURSELF and for those that won't accept YOU .....then You know what to tell them!

Q is for Quit Playing!


When did I miss the fashion memo? Are Skulls the new thing in style to wear? What do these people have going on in their minds when they get dressed? I am truly tickled to see her ROCKING this Skull dress thingy! Seriously? I must go get me one in red.

Now this is hilarious!-------->
How in the HELL did someone talk her into wearing a full bodied WEAVE? Where does the Disco ball fit in also? She even got some Disco ball material on her arm as a what? Bracelet?
Is it me? Does anyone think this is HOT?

Have times really gotten this HARD?

I am crying laughing now

P is for President Obama

I like his Style, Grace and overall way of dealing with issues. HE is the epitome of Cool, Laid back and Class in what a man should be in my opinion. I know there are a lot of you who have doubts and issues with this man, but I give him many props for even stepping in here and taking the hits he is getting. He tickles me when he laughs because I know it takes a lot to gather a smile in his position. He also seems to know he walked into a situation that had to hit ROCK bottom before it had a chance of  improving. 
Keep on doing what you are doing Mr. President! 
Whether he get's re-elected or not he has my respect for even TRYING!

Trump's Disrespect of Obama! is getting out of hand. It is not appreciated nor needed. 
I for one know why President Obama is being challenged so much, but can others actually admit it? 
No, because it is their way of life. 
Understand and KNOW this....HE is OUR President and will be until the public says otherwise.
 Give him his it THAT hard?
Keep your HEAD up! 

A-Z Blog Challenge

I am gonna finish this challenge if it kills me! So much has happened to derail me but I am determined to go all the way through. So hold on to your hats and wigs because I am back like it or not.