Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook keeps me SANE!

I know Sad right? Nope, not to me. I have found some wonderful, intelligent, remarkable friends there. Yeah lot's in my family think I am insane for befriending so many strangers and calling them friends on a social network. Well SO! I pass the time laughing and joking with so many that when I am down those SAME strangers pick me up. I am just getting into blogging so bare with me and my ramblings. I have a WHOLE lot to talk about but for now I just want to say ...Hugs to my "FAMILY" on Facebook.

Welcome to my insanity.

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Torti said...

I look forward to reading ya :)

The Future Bride said...

We love you too Ms Thug! :)

Tracy said...

:) me lubs u muchly Ms. T <3

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