Monday, April 18, 2011

Ask Ms.Thuggy! Has arrived

I am dedicating Monday's to a new advice column called Ask Ms.Thuggy.
 You can spill your heart out or just ask a simple question I will answer as truthfully as I can.
 Now I am gonna be honest and blunt, so keep your feelings in check.
If you want to ask a question or need advice, then shoot me an email and I shall answer them on Monday's. You may use your real name or not it doesn't matter to me. 
This should be quite fun.

Shoot your Questions here ----->

Ask Ms Thuggy

Why is it more and more people annoy me as I get older?

Dear Iris,
Well some people mature as time passes them by, as with others they basically stay the same. You have a choice whether to accept the annoyances or tell their ass to grow the HELL up. If you feel they are purposely doing this then you may need to kick them to the curb and find better company! If it seems like it is EVERYBODY around you then maybe you need to check yourself.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
I have this friend who is not very nice to me, she does mean things to
me and calls me names like heifer, she never bakes cookies and I've
seen her use the word nipple more than once,
so Dear ms thug what should I do ? I have a rather nasty pic of a
nasty toe should I send it to her? please I need advice asap before
she kicks my ass
yours faithfully the Queen of England x

Well Queen of England x,
If this friend is this violent as you have made her sound, I would surely not want a damn cookie or anything else for that matter. Would you trust eating anything from a person that is this mean? Also Nipple is a term of endearment from where I come you hate Nipples? Are you afraid of body parts? If you send her a picture of a nasty Toe do you think this will make things better for you? I would be VERY careful when approaching this friend because she sounds like she will "get" you if she is crossed. Goodluck
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy.
My son is an absolute SLOB! He goes in each room and DESTROYS it! I am fed up what can I do? Also he is 19 years old.
Fed up in the USA

Dear Fed Up in the USA,
Don't get all hot and bothered, this is what you do. When he messes up a room or 10 just chill. Take a breath and do what I have done in the past. I wait....I wait until ALL of his destruction has pissed me off. Once I am FED UP I gather everything he has left around and get a garbage bag (a BIG one) I then put it ALL in the bag and march to his room. I then proceed to dump it all over HIS bed! Once you do this enough he will get the point. It only took me 2 times to get him straight. I hope this method works for you. Oh on a side note. Get a newspaper and circle apartments for him, this is a BIG hint for him to get out and get his OWN place to trash.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy, 
Are you always this humorous and funny? I love reading your blog. Do you ave any advice for people starting a blog?
Just hanging around

Dear Just hanging around,
No I am just like anyone else. I have my days and if you have me on Facebook you would surely know this LOL. I can be a Bitch from hell but that is during my 7 days of dismay thanks to Adam and Eve! If you are starting a blog just 1 thing to get you started and go from there...think of what kind of blog you want and also how much of YOU that you want to share. Thank you for following me, I hope I live up to your expectations.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
What do you do that you work from home? May not be any my damn business but I wanna know lol.

Dear Anonymous,
I plead the fifth on this one LOL no seriously, I basically repair computers and such, I also do some editing of peoples work. I am a computer nerd all wrapped up in one. I do whatever I can on a computer that I am skilled in. Video and Audio help for others also. Whatever you need done to a PC I can do. This is a lucrative business also because a lot of people are computer illiterate and they turn to me to explain or fix those snafu's they may have made on their computers.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
My mom will not make my sister cookies. How can we get her to be a better mommy?

Dear Laura,
If you can get to this blog and actually WRITE a question....Ummm maybe you could take this a step forward and make your sister some cookies. Maybe your mom is tired form cooking ,
cleaning , Facebooking and playing Farmville to sit down and pamper YOU 2 with some damn cookies. Now get it together and start being MORE independent.
Smooches from Thuggy!

Dear Thuggy,
Is it true that a fart can be trapped in a bottle for later use to touch the hubby under the blanket?

Dear Anonymous,
Well I have not tried this method at all. Why not just give him a FRESH fart so that you  know he got it.
Smooches from Thuggy!