Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you Blog Too Much?

As I am getting into the feel of blogging I just asked myself...Can you OVER blog? Well if you can I don't care! I am having a BALL blogging! It helps me pass the day since I work online anyway. When I have a few moments to spare why not just blog. I see a few more of my friends are starting to open up and join this craze. I got so caught up in a few of those blogs I actually went behind on my actual work.
So I guess you will see tons of random blogs from me,
I am sorry in advance LOL

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Nikki Tucker said...


my name is mud... said...

i am loving the hell out of blogging and reading other's posts! keep it coming :)

The Future Bride said...

I love it! Keep it going! I need to update mine..haha

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