Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pop Culture and Our Youth

Are we allowing our children to imitate art where they are starting to look like FOOLS? 
I know when we were younger (my older adult readers) that we had similar issues, but I think this generation has LOST it. They are looking like straight weirdo's! 
I would make my kids change if I saw some of this on their bodies Grown or not. 
This is NOT acceptable.
Do YOU remember Barbie looking like THIS?
Our younger woman AND men are idolizing this mess and it needs to be stopped starting at home! I would go through my kids closets and drawers exorcising this mess from my house. They can NOT dress like this if we as parents do NOT allow it! I mean SERIOUSLY? How is this cute?
Ok I finally figured it out. It stems from home.
This is the result of kids imitating their parents
I guess Father knows best
So in retrospect parents we raise our children to accomplish so much in the world, but they will be VERY limited if they are taught to dress like fools.
It ain't CUTE!
This will be the end result if this trend continues....


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Tracy said...

Amen Amen & Amen!!! Hit the nail on the Head Ms. T!! There are very few "parents" today, they are too busy trying to be the childs friend, or they just don't care period. :(

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