Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Fake Ass People on Facebook

Have you ever thought someone was one way and read the ramblings on their Facebook page and changed your mind? I sometimes have to physically close my mouth with BOTH hands when I see some of the crazy stuff people spew on their pages. You thought you knew them? NOT! Think again. Sometimes it is funny but other times it is just sad. What about the trifling ass people that talk shit over the internet? The "bullies" as most call it.
I just call it SAD! It is funny how some seem to be so cool but then later you see their true faces (only through words I say) Do you feel betrayed? Are you disappointed? Do you delete them over their views? I normally read and keep it moving. Unless it is aimed at me, I try not to let it affect my time or day when I am browsing, because in a nutshell it is a SOCIAL NETWORK. You will find all kinds on these social networking sites. I don't let hardly too much get to me but there is that rare time I have to just let it all out and tell then where I am coming from. Have you ever Snapped on Facebook? Don't lie I am sure we all have at one time or another. Are these sites healthy? I think they are too an extent when you want to portray yourself and your life. Do they pose any real dangers to the many that use them? I don't think they are any different than texting or talking on the phone. I know I don't let a day pass without logging on to Facebook to check out the latests post of my friends and family. So the next time you post ask yourself am I being Fake? Is this the Real me? Or am I just another Fake Ass person fronting on Facebook?
This was a funny article too if you want to read more on how Facebook is changing friendships

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Nicole said...

There are people who act all fake in the real world, not just on Facebook so it's not worth taking seriously or getting all worked up over what somebody posted on their Facebook page. People are more likely to be fake online so it's not surprising if someone seems fake.

I'm not even on Facebook and don't plan on joining anytime soon, so I don't see why people are so concerned with what somebody else posted.

If they are real, then good and if they do something or post something that makes you wonder or makes you think that they are fake, why lose any sleep over it?

Just be satisfied that you know and keep it moving from there.

MsThugABoo said...

Exactly Nicole. I laugh mostly because a lot are taking facebook and just the online site VERY serious and sometimes a little too far.

Nicole said...

I also want to add that yes, I do think that the sites are healthy. It's the behavior of the people using these sites and the habits that they practice in using the sites that make their "usage" unhealthy.

I don't like Facebook but I wouldn't blame it for fake people. I'd blame the people for being fake.

You asked (my responses are in regards to social networking in general and does not apply exclusively to Facebook since I don't have experiences on that site),

Do you feel betrayed?

Are you disappointed?

Do you delete them over their views?
That all depends on whether they are being offensive to me directly, but overall, no I don't delete them over their views because that would be a very immature and closed-minded thing to do in my opinion.

For example, I don't personally agree with homosexuality because that's not my twist but if I was on Facebook, I am not going to delete someone just because they are posting stuff about it.

However, I WOULD delete someone from a Facebook page who was posting hateful things or offensive things against homosexuals and I WOULD delete someone who constantly post things that contradict what they make themselves out to be. Like, if someone says that they don't party but they are always talking about club-hopping then, that is fake right there.

If someone claims that they don't care about celebrities and don't follow them but they are always posting false rumors about the latest place that Lindsay Lohan was hanging out at or who Kim Kardashian is sleeping with, then yeah, I would think that they are fake, lol.

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MsThugABoo said...

Well I know I am an avid user of Facebook and you would be surprised at some of the things that are said on there bu lately it seems to be getting a little hateful In my opinion. I go on there and post silly, humorous thing mostly even with that you can not ignore some of the posts that catch your eye. There are quite a few who spew the occasional hate on certain things and yep deleted and blocked they go. I am happy you responded also it is refreshing to actually discuss something I wrote lol

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