Friday, April 15, 2011

L is for Licking my plate

This is my idea of a GOOD Sunday dinner. I didn't cook this BUT I had something similar! Whoo I am full! I made some Collard Greens mixed with Turnip and spinach and some smoked turkey tails added for flavor, Macaroni and cheese and some homemade cornbread. I am beyond full. I can not tell you how HOT my house was. So if you see me rolling down the street and not walking you know it is because I am cooking like this. I am gonna have to join someone's GYM in a hurry. ok I am lying, I have to finish this meal first then I will THINK about joining. I am too damn full to even think about desert now. But I see some Yummy cookies I could eat later ..... Remember if you see me looking bloated and burping all over the place make sure you help me so I can get home to another meal LOL.  

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sandie8979 said...

lol you crack me up! but that sure does look good :)

MsThugABoo said...

It was good I am trying to clean up but I am so sluggish...but I need another piece of cornbread to get me started up again

Legacy 925 said...

LOL.. that is some tasty looking foods there in that picture. Good ole' southern home cooking. LOVE that stuff!! I can see why you and I get along so well. ;)
~ Donna

MsThugABoo said...

Donna I wish I could send you a plate! These Greens were off the chain! I am gonna dream about them tonight

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