Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for I can't BELIEVE you are STILL wearing those UGGS!

Ok I know the UGG boot is here to stay, but as I have stated before that does NOT mean you need to wear them until they fall apart. I know there are tons of stores selling knock off's if you just HAVE to have them. This makes no sense to me at all . Why would you ROCK these looking like this?
Yes this is a Real UGG boot. There is NO way this person did not know it was getting to this point. Let the UGG fascination GO! This is Murder to your style if you actually care.
I saved this for last because this is the worst! If you have a heart let your UGG's GO! This is abuse of fashion to the 6th degree. I have not seen another Faze like this that has been this bad. I can not believe some of you will not part with these boots even when they look like this. 
Say it with me...I must retire the UGG! .I must retire the UGG!

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85881806-6212-11e0-b195-000bcdcb2996 said...

LOL @ retire... tell them to just throw them the hell out lol.

MsThugABoo said...

I wish some people would just LOOK at what they are wearing LOL

Anne Falbo-Ortiz-Ryee said...

Never liked them, and now I like them even less :P

MsThugABoo said...

Anne I just bought you a pair though

Lizzy said...

I <3 my uggs!! You can't take them from me!!!

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