Friday, April 1, 2011

B is for You are BOGUS as HELL for that!

Why is this even on their feet? Are times this hard that we have to make our OWN flip flops?
 This is BOGUS!
Would this person be able to catch your attention to buy this car? Hell NO! You would be too busy calling your friends over and taking pictures to even think of him giving you a quote on this car. What do people really think is gonna happen when they dress like this?
Have you ever seen a trifling HOT mess? You just look and can't STOP looking? Well I seem to have a knack for finding these oddities. Why in the HELL would you be gluing your BOOT?
  Now think about it....Did the company only make 1 pair of this Boot? Are you this cheap Seriously?
 Is that the glue we used in Kindergarten?

This is the worse of them ALL! Did he/she REALLY have to get made up to use the toilet? I can not help laughing at this because these people are POSING for these pictures. Sometimes a picture is more than a thousand words. 

It's been real but I am outtie!

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