Friday, April 15, 2011

J is for Justifying yourself

Have you ever thought of something and you just knew it was funny as HELL? Well it turns out not only wasn't it funny but others got hurt by it! Sometimes we need to remember words and thoughts are not portrayed on the internet in the way we may have actually meant it. You may for example say OMG you are so stanky...Now to some this may be funny, but to the few that are new to you or your group of friends this may come as an insult. I just think if we all look at things on the internet as humor a lot of these issues won't arise or even matter. If I ever encounter someone like this I normally email them and explain my position. Sometimes it works and well sometimes it is an out all war. Just remember there are all kinds on the internet and the customs and sayings can and will at one time or another get misunderstood. If this does happen to you then try to remember that words are often misrepresented because you can not feel the emotions spilling from the internet. I always say look at the bright side first and if that fails then delete and block and keep it moving

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