Sunday, April 10, 2011

RIP Dear friend

For some time we have been in the grip of Mother Natures wrath. I am weary of the Summer because of the impending violence where I live. See I live in the heart of Chicago Illinois. Home of the Windy City, Cubs,White Sox and the Chicago Bulls. We have so many Concerts/Arts festivals and such throughout the summer it sounds like a wonderful place to live right? No, it isn't in reality. It is coming sooner than we can blink. The Violence. As soon as the weather breaks it begins, well let me correct this, BEFORE the official day of Summer it starts.
In most places the birds singing, kids playing outside, going to the park is the feeling that the new Season has begun. Well in Chicago this means another thing entirely, it means watch your back! We can not let our children play outside. They can not walk to get an ice cream. It is a war zone here and it seems nobody cares. It is now the playground of the gang bangers and drug dealers. Now we have to stock up on food and stay close to home. It is not in just 1 particular place in the city is EVERYWHERE! So I say a farewell to a Season that gave us some peace at least. I will miss you Snow and Cold. It was good while it lasted.
Chicago Police respond to the scene of a shooting at 46th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago.
 (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune / April 8, 2011)

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Anne Falbo-Ortiz-Ryee said...

I was going to do something similar on my Blog about Buffalo, so all I have to say is GMTA, no wonder I loves ya!

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