Saturday, April 16, 2011

M is for Moscato

This is NOT for the alchies out there, you would need a stronger alcohol to meet your needs.
I don't know if you have tried this wine but it is smooth and mellow. I don't drink like I used to but I can always go for a glass of this chilled. This is not one of those wines that leaves a headache or have you waking up with writing all over your face. This is a GROWN UP wine and not for the younguns. Moscato just hit the scene recently but it has been around for a while actually. Get you some Cheddar cheese and kick back with a movie or some smooth laid back music. I am getting me a bottle tomorrow so I can relax and blog some more. Now with anything alcoholic you can always overdo it, do NOT drink the whole bottle and wonder how you ended up with your thong on your head sleeping on your neighbors lawn the next morning. It could happen, drink in moderation and enjoy this wine the right way without the embarrassment.

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jennifersign said...

Sounds like a great Moscato for just drinking a glass with dinner or with friends.

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