Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D Is for Daughter

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I have a precious daughter name Ashley! She is all I could ever ask for in a child. She is 19 years old and one of the most caring, attentive, loving persons I know but there is a darker side to her. She suffers from a mental disorder. Well she has a few disorders but the one that haunts us the worst is Bipolar. She has struggled with this all of her life but she is finally getting the hang of some coping techniques and strategies. It has been a hard couple of years because she didn't accept it right off. She cursed GOD and all around her. It was HELL for the family that was supporting her. She felt she was not "normal" and she just wanted to die. She started cutting herself and honestly being in the African American culture we turn our heads to things like this. It is still hard to get my daughter help for the self mutilation part but she has been "CUT FREE" for over a year now. Yayyyyyy Ashley! I am writing about Ash because I want other mothers, relatives and friends to know you are not alone. There are a lot of people suffering from this illness that are so misunderstood. Keep your eyes open for signs and reach out to them. I refuse to allow my daughter to live in the dark and keep this a secret. I told her if she speaks about it that this may help someone else. She is now in college and still struggling to go about her day every minute that passes. But she has ME! Always.
I love you Ashley (Moo Moo) and like I have told you EVERYDAY! Never give up.

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Cory said...

She is lucky to have a Mamma like you. Thanks for sharing. <3

kermitthefuzzyfrog said...

My husband is bipolar. She is not alone. <3

joyced said...

She's a blessed girl to have such an understanding mom. My mom is supportive & trying to understand. I don't really think the rest of the fam. gets it. Or wants to. :( That hurts.

Sheri said...

You would be amazed at how many people have Bipolar disorder. You are a wonderful mother to stick thru the thick and thin of it. Ashley is a lucky girl and will be all the better for your love and support. <3

Anonymous said...

My daughter was a cutter also... She has been cut free for a few years now. And is living a pretty good life in Iowa. she is 20.


Pickle65 said...

((( <3 )))

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