Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Grocery Shopping

This is how I felt AND looked this morning AFTER going to the grocery store with my son. he is a HOT mess. He talked to EVERYBODY instead of helping me shop. Oh when he did decide to "help" me he just threw the stuff in the cart. I was on FIRE! How can you just throw eggs and cans of corn in a cart? How do you just leave the cart in the middle of the lane and keep walking? I was incensed to say the least, he laughed and said I was OCD because I was stacking the stuff neatly in the cart instead of recklessly THROWING the groceries!. I wanted to reach out and put hands on him right there in the store. He knew I was mad too so he kept doing it. I decided I would get him back. I grabbed his Hot Pockets and threw them at his head. He ducked and LAUGHED some more. Well I wasn't having that. So I took a turn and went a different direction and lost him. Hee hee ...he couldn't find me until I had finished shopping. I was in line and he hadn't gotten all the things he wanted. I said TOUGH LUCK!  Ha ha OCD that!. Now we get home and he KNOWS I am terrified of worms. He leaves me to take some of the groceries upstairs and I am paralyzed in fear because it is raining and there are worms everywhere. They are moving and squirming all over the sidewalk. I felt sick. So I ran around to the back of the house and I was able to get upstairs without stepping nor seeing a worm. Well I fell UP the stairs because my shoe was untied and I thought a worm was stuck on my shoe but it was the shoestring. I was freaking OUT! So I was super mad when I got inside. He dodged me once we got in the house until I calmed down. Whew I will be inside ALL weekend because of this rain.  He is still laughing at my worm episode but I don't care because I got the last laugh. I made him put ALL the groceries up.
Never Again will I take him to the store with me!

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Nikki Tucker said...

Sounds so much like my 19 year old niece... must be the age group!

MsThugABoo said...

Yes he is 18 Nikki and I want to kick him so hard LOL

85881806-6212-11e0-b195-000bcdcb2996 said...

OMG you have the best Blog ever :D send him up here i will straighten his ass out and teach him to respect you!!! i am not afraid of beating his ass with a stick and making it look like a funny, funny accident :P

MsThugABoo said...

Hee hee ty I will let him know to LOOK OUT for your accidental beating LOL

Karen said...

This is an awesome blog, still laughing over G, so far my favorite letter in this blog....Hilarious! Keep up the good work....thank you for the smile!

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