Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Anger and the African American Woman

I am writing about this preconceived ANGER that haunts the African American woman. We seem to be branded with this stereotype in the media, movies and even in our own homes. What makes people think this way? Well in my case I am NOT part of this stereotype at all. I know from experience Men AND Women perceive the African American Woman as a Neck rolling, finger snapping, sailor mouth raging machine.
We are NO different than anyone else. I do know that we have struggled to be accepted amongst our peers for who we are. I think of my Black Sister's as Zesty with attitude. We get that honestly. Most of my friends have a take no prisoners attitude and rightfully so. We have had to deal with so much in life that I do believe it is wrong to just put us in a category like this. We are no different than YOU! There is so much more to the African American Woman!
I take pride in the many colors of my African Sister's but even then we have the light skinned against the dark skinned. Why is that? We have the "GOOD HAIR" and the "NAPPY HAIR" debate but in the end we are ALL the same. How can you have racial issues within your own race? We need to do better!
The hair thing really ticks me OFF! If you take care of what you were given when you were born then any texture can be good.
Just the thoughts of a Black Woman

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Hi! I'm also participating in the A-Z Challenge. Nice to see many participating in this challenge/goal :)

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