Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are our Children growing up to fast?

Look at this cutie. She is just adorable BUT are we portraying the wrong message to our kids? I have seen kids as young as 3 getting their hair relaxed (permed) and weaved. I know of a few 8 and up that have cell phones and I am not talking about the flip cheap phones. I am talking IPhones and Androids. Are we letting them dress too provocatively at a young age to then let them think it is ok in their teenage years? This domino affect is getting to be too much. I know of some children that should know their ABC's but sadly they don't, but they can surely sing the newest lyrics from Lil Wayne and Beyonce's songs. Have you seen our children at a party? They dance as though they need a condom while gyrating and popping like a stripper. Shit they have some of these strippers BEAT when dancing. We need to start focusing on our youth and fast because it is not getting better! They are having children as children and instilling this same thing I am writing about in their kids. When will enough be enough? The end result is frightening as you can see below. When will we stop letting the computers, TV's and electronics cease in raising our children and step in to take back control? My children are Grown BUT If I saw any of this even now I would definitely step in and correct it.
They know Momma don't PLAY!
Ask yourself this, when was the last time I actually sat down and found out what my child is thinking and wearing?
This could be OUR future leaders in action.

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